BANA & Co. which was established in early 2019 based on Notarial Deed of Sri Mulyati Aliya Rivna, S.H., M.Kn. No. 21 dated January 19th, 2019. BANA & Co is a law office dedicated to legal services in Indonesia either both for individuals and legal entities, supported by the qualified and experienced professional and strong networks, especially in the litigation field and non-litigation with a commitment to provide the best legal solutions to clients.

BANA & Co. offers comprehensive legal services in various forms of business transactions, general trade, finance, investment and intellectual property rights to debt restructuring. Experience with litigation with various cases in the field of bankruptcy, corporation, banking, finance, foreign investment, international trade, securities and other derivative products, capital markets, intellectual property, oil and gas, mining, real estate, construction and other cases.

BANA & Co. adhere to the ethical values and professional ethics code and always try to resolve every client’s issues on time with a reasonable cost for each service rendered. Personal touch with mature intellectual abilities and supported by an analytical and systematic approach will always provide a quality legal services in both timely manner and cost-efficient.

BANA & Co. values are respect, cooperation, commitment and professional excellence, we always listen to our clients carefully in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the real conditions, problems, and goals of our clients, so that we can provide the best and complete solutions to each legal issue that we handle.